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What to Do When You Discover a Roof Leak

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May 20, 2010

Sometimes when your roof is leaking, you might not notice immediately. It could occur in a part of the house where you don't normally spend a lot of time, and a leak may gradually wear through your ceiling so that it leaks for weeks or even months before you discover anything is wrong. A leak, too, doesn't always mean that something is falling through to the floor, which is why if you suspect damage you should remain vigilant and look for the proper signs.

Study your ceiling. Do you see discoloring that wasn't there before, like a dark, coffee-like stain? Maybe one part of your ceiling is bulging as though supporting extra weight. Stains that are ring-like in shape usually indicate a weather leak in your roof - if you've recently experienced a heavy rain and this occurs shortly afterward, it's a good bet. It's important, once you've discovered it, not to poke or prod the affected area in any way. Just because the stain is in one spot doesn't mean the leak has originated there - the water may be sliding through different parts of the roof.

Regardless of whether or not water is coming into your home, take care to remove any nearby valuable items you don't want damaged. If possible, place a drop cloth or area rug in the room that you don't mind getting dirty, so your carpet is protected. Contact a reputable local roofer to inspect your home and determine where the leak is originating. From there you'll know whether or not the job requires a few shingles or an entire roof replacement.

The sooner you find the leak in your roof, the better for expediting repair. Roof holes can cost you hundreds in energy bills if you're not careful, so let a professional Virginia Beach roofer handle the job for you, so you can rest easy.

- Kathryn Lively 

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